Saturday, 12 December 2015

all about 2015!

hai. assalamualaikum.
2015 just gonna says goodbye to all of us. 
i'm kind of upset because i need to let him go. wuargh.
well, lets bygone be bygone, 

who is he?

i never tell you who was him. haha.
never. cholte andwe.

okay. for this year, i just want to make the conclusion all that i've been through in this colourful life in 2015.

let's see,,,

  • got to know many friends in one year *eventhough i still don't have best chingu.
  • got to learn various good and friendly teachers! very suppportive! just like teachers from previous school.
  • meet with all kinds of senpais' *sisters are the best!
  • have an adopted family! G1. variety behaviour i can get through
  • be more independent. *i can do all houseworks by myself
  • more interesting knowledge that provided from the mjsc.
  • learn to take pictures*blazon
  • learn to get through photoshop*ice
  • got feeling to apart from family.
  • and the special one, meet him. *shy =.=
i never know what will happened to me in future. Allah. La Tahzan. He the best in planning.
so, i never forget all of this opportunity. i will use this best chance to fulfilled the given tasks. 

i just hoping, i will get into His Heaven. I want to be a best Neurologist, and teach my students. i hope, Allah give me chance, to grab straight A's in SPM 2016. Amin. 

well, i hope, i never be a stubborn student, stop or reduce your clinging with teachers and try to reduce your MALAS. you should spend your time efficiently. so that you will never regret what you have done. i hope and really hoping, you will achieve your ambition and fly to TOKYO!! yeah. go syu go. 

yours sincerely, syu :)

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